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Falklands TapestryStanley SymphonyPenguin Quartet

Penguin Spring

These are my latest designs which will be available as greeting cards and limited edition prints in the next few days -a tapestry of Falkland Island creatures and images inspired by a riot of spring colour. 


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Zentangle SheepZentangle PenguinZentangle Flower

My new designs are packed full of storied patterns and intricate detail. These artworks gave me the opportunity to completely absorb myself in the creative process of illustrating stories within stories. I love the process of using detailed patterns, and fitting together the many different, but interconnected, elements of the designs. Limited edition prints will be available very soon.

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WildflowersLeviathanPenguin Chorus

Summer is finally on its way and I have designed some new illustrations to welcome the sunshine:  a spring bouquet of the flora of the Falkland Islands. Also, I couldnt resist a new take on favourite themes, Stanley and Camp carried on the back of an obliging Fin Whale, and a chorus of robustly calling penguins.


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This is a totally new style for me, a fresh take on well-loved Falkland themes and images.  In this set of three complimentary designs, I have combined detailed pen and ink sketches with typography and bright contemporary colours.  It has given me a chance to test my digital skills, which has been a steep learning curve, but also a really exciting process, allowing me to experiment and explore so many possibilities and combinations.

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I spend a lot of time in the Falklands watching penguins.  These fascinating animals seem to capture the imagination and the hearts of all of those that encounter them.  Here in the Falkland Islands we are very lucky to be able to get up close and personal with four different species: the regal King Penguin, the gentle Gentoo Penguin, the timid but endearing Magellanic Penguin and the mischievous Rockhopper Penguin.  In this commission, I have illustrated all four of these penguins with a field sketch and annotations of each to give a little more insight into the lives of these remarkable birds.


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