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Southern Crested Caracara


 Southern Crested Caracara detail


The Southern Crested Caracara, known locally as a Carancho, is one of the most striking birds of prey to see soaring across the open expanses of the Falkland Islands.  For this commission, I used a combination of scraperboard and graphite pencil. I found these two techniques an ideal medium to depict the detailed plumage of these handsome birds and their beautiful feathers, which, if you are lucky enough to pick one up while wandering around a farm settlement, are a wonder of pattern and texture.  


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 Rockhopper Penguin


I so enjoyed doing the illustrations of the coastal birds of the Falklands for the Bluff Cove Museum.  I decided to continue with my sketchbook series, this time focussing on the penguins of the Falkland Islands.  It was difficult to decide which aspects of their behaviour to depict, each species having distinctive personalities and behaviour.  The Rockhoppers are surprisingly agile when coming ashore, propelling themselves from the churning waves on to slippery rocks, the Magellanics try to appear fierce when peering out of their burrows, with their sideways head movements, the Gentoos walk long distances with their flippers held out for balance, a distinctive ‘Gentoo gait’, and finally, the Kings, with their stunning plumage, call dramatically to their fluffy brown chicks who huddle together in cosy crèches in the colonies.   Penguins are such fascinating and intriguing creatures.  I found the project of trying to capture the essence of each species both a challenge and a joy.  I will be producing a series of limited edition prints of each design, which will be available for sale on my website, and in the Falkland Islands, soon. Watch this space….


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