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Falklands TapestryStanley SymphonyPenguin Quartet

Penguin Spring

These are my latest designs which will be available as greeting cards and limited edition prints in the next few days -a tapestry of Falkland Island creatures and images inspired by a riot of spring colour. 


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Zentangle SheepZentangle PenguinZentangle Flower

My new designs are packed full of storied patterns and intricate detail. These artworks gave me the opportunity to completely absorb myself in the creative process of illustrating stories within stories. I love the process of using detailed patterns, and fitting together the many different, but interconnected, elements of the designs. Limited edition prints will be available very soon.

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Endemic Plants FDC

Endemic Stamps sheetlet


I have recently completed working on a new stamp series illustrating the endemic plants of the Falkland Islands.  It is such a fascinating part of the world with it windswept hills and storm thrashed coasts.  The plants have adapted to cope with these harsh conditions and it is a marvel how well they thrive in such a challenging environment.  One of my favourites is the bizarrely shaped Snakeplant (Nassauvia serpens). This unusual plant is a true survivor, growing in the inhospitable rocky habitat of stone runs - a jumble of boulders and slabs of rock that cascade down the mountains.  The Ladies Slipper (Calceolaria fothergillii), another favourite, is a stunning bright orange and yellow orchid. It is a rare delight to discover these bright little slippers bobbing in the wind amongst the low growing shrubs and grasses of the heathlands.


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